PhD position Organ-on-chip devices for Smart Multi-Well Plate

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TU Delft

TU Delft has a vacancy for PhD position (full time), available immediately, working on Organ-on-chip devices for Smart Multi-Well Plate.

Organ-on-chip (OoC) technology is changing the way in which we study human physiology and, contextually, develop and screen new drugs. OoC technology aims to reproduce synthetically a realistic microenvironment for cells and tissues, whereby they can behave as if in the human body. This way (patho)physiological states and responses can be recapitulated in-vitro to an unprecedented level of fidelity. A large variety of OoC devices and models are available, which reflect the variety and complexity of human tissues and organs; however, such variety should be supported by standards and guidelines to make the devices compatible, easy to use and reproducible. The Smart Multi-Well Plate (SMWP) is an OoC platform which captures the power of OoC devices within the familiar aspect of a multi-well plate. Thanks to standards for geometry and interfaces, the SMWP at once fits with common laboratory practice and lets users configure their own OoC models.

This PhD project aims to develop innovative OoC devices for integration within the SMWP. Using the micro/nanofabrication resources and expertise in design, materials and characterization available in our group, and also benefiting from prior insight, the candidate will explore solutions to develop functional, centimeter-scale chips including sensors and actuators and fitting the constraints and requirements of the SMWP. The project will unfold in the context of a vast national program featuring numerous technological partners whose complementary expertise will drive the deployment of the next-generation SMWP.

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