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hDMT Newsletter no.1/16 MAY 2016

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Editorial: hDMT’s first anniversary

With significant pride we celebrated the first anniversary of hDMT on February 6th 2016. 
What happened in the first year?  

We hope you will enjoy reading this first hDMT newsletter. 

Christine Mummery, Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij and Mieke Schutte

Executive board hDMT   

Upcoming events

Past events

International Organ-on-Chip Symposium 2016 (IOOCS16)

On March 9th and 10th 2016, the first hDMT International Organ-on-Chip Symposium took place at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. Over 100 attendants from The Netherlands and abroad exchanged their ideas, results and know-how on Organ-on-Chip technology. The attendees were a highly diverse group, ranging from technical engineers to medical doctors, from PhD students to top notch researchers, and from academia to private sector. More
A photo impression of the symposium

Double inaugural lecture at University of Twente

Prof. dr. Christine Mummery and Prof. dr. Robert Passier combined their inaugural lectures in the field of Organ-on-Chip technology at the University of Twente on March 10th 2016. East meets west with these double appointments at the University of Twente and Leiden University Medical Center. The aim is to join forces and integrate disciplines and organizations in order to develop excellent human cardiovascular model systems, emulating the healthy and diseased human heart. More

Ministry of Economic Affairs visits hDMT at TU Delft

A delegation of eight representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and ZonMw visited hDMT at the University of Technology in Delft on February 25th. During this working visit the board of hDMT and hDMT scientists Andries van der Meer (University of Twente), Berend van Meer (Leiden University Medical Center) and Ronald Dekker, Lina Sarro and Nikolas Gaio (Delft University of Technology) presented the hDMT organization, the Organ-on-Chip technology and its economic and societal impact. More

Focus on junior hDMT researchers

Fluorescent gene reporters in human pluripotent stem cells (LUMC)

On May 18th 2016, Sabine den Hartogh will defend her PhD thesis Fluorescent gene reporters in human pluripotent stem cells. As model for studying human heart development and cardiomyocyte differentiation (Promotors: Christine Mummery and  Robert Passier). More

Cost effective production of artificial cilia (TU/e)

PhD thesis of Ye Wang on three different methods of creating artificial cilia, which have emerged in recent year. These have shown great potential in diverse fields of technologies, including the lab-on-a-chip technology (Out-of-cleanroom magnetic artificial cilia, 14/01/2016; Eindhoven University of Technology , research group Microsystems; Promotors: Jaap den Toonder and Patrick Anderson)


Low-cost and fast disease diagnosis (TU/e)

PhD thesis by Guansheng Du on the use of three different microfluidic devices for high-throughput screening and  novel methods to assess cell mechanics or drug efficacy and toxicity. (Microfluidic platforms for cell analysis : applied to study cell mechanics and high-throughput screening 12/01/16 Eindhoven University of Technology, research group Microsystems. Promotors: Jaap den Toonder and Qun Fang)

Grants and awards

IOOCS16 Best Poster Award to Marinke van der Helm

Marinke van der Helm (PhD student group Albert van den Berg, University of Twente) won the IOOCS16 Best Poster Award for her poster on the work on the microfluidic model of the blood-brain barrier-on-a-chip. More

ICTopen 2016 Best Poster Award

During the ICTopen 2016 in Amersfoort Nikolas Gaio (PhD student group Ronald Dekker, Delft University of Technology) received the prize for the best poster:  Large-Scale Fabrication of PDMS Membranes for Organ-on-Chip Aplications. This work has been funded by the ECSEL project “InForMed” grant no: 2014-2-662155. 

Regina Luttge received ERC PoC Grant

Regina Luttge, associate professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in the research group Microsystems, received a €150,000 Proof-of-Concept Grant from the ERC to develop a micro-bioreactor for brain cells. More

Recent Publications

Middelkamp HT, van der Meer AD, Hummel JM, Stamatialis DF, Mummery CL, Passier R, and IJzerman MJ; Organs-on-chips in Drug Development: The importance of Involving Stakeholders in Early Health Technology Assessment, Applied In Vitro Toxicology; 2016 (feb) 

van der Helm MW, van der Meer AD, Eijkel JCT, van den Berg A & Segerink LI; Microfluidic organ-on-chip technology for blood-brain barrier research, Tissue Barriers 4; 2016 (1)

hDMT activities


Organ-on-Chip on the Dutch National Research agenda

hDMT scientists are actively involved in three route workshops for the Dutch National Research agenda:
1. Regenerative Medicine
2. Personalized Medicine
3. Brains, cognition and behavior
In particular question 101 relates to the Organ-on-Chip technology: Can we develop models of the human body and use smart technology for health-, food- and toxicity research purposes and simultaneously reduce animal use? More (only in Dutch)

hDMT in the news


Hart-op-een-chip (Medisch Contact March 25th 2016, in Dutch)

Cyberorganen: een medische revolutie in wording (Volkskrant, March 19th 2016, in Dutch)

Christine Mummery (LUMC & UT): We hadden elkaar veel te bieden (Onderzoek Nederland nr. 384 March 18th 2016, in Dutch)

More about hDMT

hDMT Consortium Assembly and Clinical Advisory Board officially installed

  • The hDMT partners are represented in the Consortium Assembly. More
  • Seven renowned medical experts in The Netherlands, covering required clinical expertise, form the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) of hDMT More

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