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Wed, 25 May
The Lush Prize, a global initiative in 21st century, animal-free toxicology, is an annual event which rewards activities in five categories of science and campaigning with a total fund of £250,000. The Lush Prize works specifically to fund initiatives to end animal testing in the area of toxicology and is a completely 1R fund -... Read more
Fri, 25 March
Heart-on-a-chip in Medisch Contact News item on the double inaugural lecture by prof. Christine Mummery and prof. Robert Passier: Hart-op-een-chip (Medisch Contact, 25 maart 2016, in Dutch) Read more
Sat, 19 March
Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant published a three page article on organ-on-chip technology in the science section: Cyberorganen: een medische revolutie in wording (Volkskrant, March 19 2016, in Dutch) Read more
Fri, 18 March
Interview met prof. Christine Mummery (LUMC & UT) over interdisciplinair onderzoek: We hadden elkaar veel te bieden (Onderzoek Nederland nr. 384 March 18 2016, in Dutch) Read more
Fri, 11 March
Prof. dr. Christine Mummery and Prof. dr. Robert Passier combined their inaugural speeches in the field of Organ-on-Chip technology at the University of Twente on March 10 2016. This symbolizes their aim to join forces and to stimulate cooperation between different disciplines and organizations in order to develop excellent human cardiovascular... Read more
Fri, 11 March
On March 9 and 10, 2016 the first hDMT International Organ-on-Chip Symposium took place at the University of Twente in Enschede (The Netherlands). Over 100 attendants, engineers and biologists, medical doctors and pharmacologists, key researchers and PhD students, from universities, knowledge institutes and companies from The Netherlands and... Read more
Tue, 8 March
10 March: double inaugural lecture by Prof. Robert Passier and Prof. Christine Mummery. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Organ-on-a-chip technology is a promising breakthrough in the quest to find out more about these diseases and in testing new drugs to fight them. Prof. Christine Mummery and Prof. Robert... Read more
Thu, 25 February
A delegation of 8 representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and ZonMw visited hDMT at the University of Technology in Delft on February 25th. During this work visit the board of hDMT and hDMT scientists from University of Twente, Leiden University Medical Center and University of Technology Delft have... Read more
Wed, 10 February
The IOOCS16 is an interdisciplinary 2-day meeting, organised by hDMT and Tue and open to all international scientists and engineers who are actively interested in the emerging field of organs-on-chips. Registration is open until March 1st. Lunches, refreshments and dinner are included in the registration fee... Read more
Wed, 20 January
Moderator Anthony Bahinsky invites Reyk Horland, Dan Huh, Christine Mummery, Danilo A. Tagle and Tracy MacGill to share their views and expertise on organs-on-chips. Free dowload of the transcript is possible untill January 29, 2016. Read more
Sun, 13 December
by Rex Merrifield source: Horizon, The EU Research & Innovation Magazine Organs simulated on a chip and vast chemical databases are helping researchers to work out whether a new mascara, toothpaste or eye shadow is likely to make you sick, now that they aren't allowed to test them on animals. The use of animals in testing... Read more
Thu, 3 December
Dr. Mieke Schutte has been appointed as member of the hDMT Executive board. She will share the position of Managing Director with Dr. Janny van den Eijnden - van Raaij. Dr. Mieke Schutte obtained her PhD in molecular immunology in 1992 at Utrecht University. She was postdoctoral fellow in pancreatic cancer genomics from... Read more
Tue, 1 September
Christine Mummery is a professor at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). In her department, the Department of Anatomy and Embryology, researchers transform skin cells of heart patients into stem cells. These stem cells are then gradually matured into various types of cardiac muscle cells. Until recently, however, the cell harvest was low... Read more
Thu, 28 May
European research grant of 2.25 million euros for the development of blood vessels on a chip UT professor Albert van den Berg has scooped the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union for the second time. This scholarship is already regarded as very prestigious, but within the current call, together with only a few other Dutch... Read more
Sat, 25 April
Universities and industry join forces to accelerate drugs research and the development of customised treatment for diseases Dutch universities and industry are combining forces in the newly established hDMT (Institute for Human Organ and Disease Model Technologies). The partners work together intensively on organ-on-chip technology. The... Read more
Sat, 25 April
Kloppende hartcellen op een chip. Published in: Delta - 13 April 2015 (Dutch) Read more