Take-off phase 1 - Grant for 3D human heart models of River BioMedics (University of Twente)

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

River BioMedics is a startup biotech company of the University of Twente that works on the development and supply of 3D human heart models. Their assays are based on stem cell technology and mimic the pumping function of the real human heart.

Recently the River BioMedics team received a Take-off Phase 1 grant of NWO to perform a feasibility study for the commercial application of their models. Dr. Marcelo Ribeiro of the University of Twente will lead the Take-off project. On the 14th of February the team was selected to pitch their company on the main stage of the Innovation for Health conference.

Team of River BioMedics: Marcelo Ribeiro, PhD, Lisanne Blauw, PhD and Prof. Robert Passier, PhD.

The 3D human heart models can be used to test and develop medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Currently, pharmaceutical companies are experiencing difficulties in developing novel drugs for these diseases due to the lack of proper human models to find new targets and validate compounds. This is due to the fact that the development of drugs is often tested in animal models, which do not sufficiently mimic the (patho)physiological properties of the human heart. The 3D human heart models of River BioMedics will provide considerable improvement in drug development success, which will ultimately lead to better treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

'Mini-heart' model

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