ORCHID roadmap report handed over to representatives of IMI and ECSEL Joint Undertakings

Wednesday, 17 April

On the 28th of March representatives from the ECSEL JU and IMI Joint undertakings met at their headquarters in Brussels to discuss topics of mutual interest. ECSEL Joint Undertaking is a public-private partnership, funding innovation in electronic components and systems, while IMI is funding health research and innovation.

The representatives are highly interested in new technologies that can improve the efficiency of drug development. One of these is Organ-on-Chip technology.

The progress of these technologies and their role in healthcare is closely monitored by IMI and ECSEL.

For the ORCHID representatives at the meeting it was a great opportunity to present the ORCHID interim report to Bert de Colvenaer (CEO of ECSEL) and Pierre Meulien (executive director of IMI).

Figure: Ronald Dekker (TU Delft) presents the ORCHID report to Bert de Colvenaer (left) and Pierre Mulien (right).

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