Start-up BI/OND winner of Philips Innovation Award 2019

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Start-up BI/OND has won the Philips Innovation Award 2019. At Theater Rotterdam, the young researchers received a cheque (50.000 euros) which was awarded by jury chairman Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips.

BI/OND, a spin-off company from Delft University of Technology and very active within hDMT, mimics organ cells on computer chips and thus hopes to speed up the search for medicines for heart and brain disorders.

The company was founded, by chance, in the cleanroom of TU Delft (the Else Kooi Lab) where PhD students Nikolas Gaio, Cinzia Silvestri and William Solano each worked on their own projects. An interaction took place that resulted in a full-fledged start-up.

Niko: 'Our goal is to develop a number of chips that simulate multiple functions and organs. These chips with a user-friendly interface will then be used by biologists. We are also working on improving the predictive value of Organ-on-Chip, by adding better functions, so that we can realistically imitate the dynamics of the human body.'

The Philips Innovation Award is an independent non-profit organization that works closely together with Philips. The board of the Award consists of seven students from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In this way, the Award is organized by students, for students. The Phillips Innovation award is the largest student-entrepreneur award in The Netherlands.

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