Klazina Kooiman receives VIDI Grant for bubble therapy

Monday, 24 June

NWO, domain Applied and Engineering Sciences, has awarded hDMT PI Klazina Kooiman from the Erasmus MC, department Cardiogy, a VIDI grant worth 800.000 euro for the research project The missing link in bubble therapy. For investigating the mechanism, she also uses her Vessel-on-Chip research.

Miniature gas bubbles have the potential to locally deliver high dosages of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer which reduces side-effects. This project addresses the exact mechanisms between miniature gas bubbles, drugs, and diseased cells so we can bring this bubble therapy to patients.

By using gas microbubbles (1-10 micrometer in diameter), drugs can be administered locally in very high doses for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which reduces side-effects. Kooiman investigates the exact mechanisms between the gas microbubbles, drugs, and diseased cells so the bubble therapy can be effectively applied to patients.

VIDI grants enable researchers to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group.

Source: NWO, EUR

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