Six Organ-on-Chip Showcase grants awarded to hDMT researchers

Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) invests 2.76 million euros in Dutch Organ-on-Chip research through their dedicated HHOOCS call. Seven projects have been awarded, in which knowledge institutes, companies and the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing join forces to develop proof-of-concept Organ-on-Chip models. Researchers from hDMT partners are involved in six of the awarded projects.

Mieke Schutte, managing director of hDMT: 'It is gratifying that hDMT researchers have embraced the HHOOCS call of the Topsector HH-LSH. The Topsector has acknowledged the importance of Organ-on-Chip technology at an early stage, which is important to stimulate the Dutch role in this rapidly developing field. We appreciate the Topsectors request for our input to shape the call. This is at the core of how hDMT supports the researchers of its partners.'

hDMT projects:

Project coordinator Prof. dr. Robert Passier (University of Twente), Prof. dr. Patrick Rensen (LUMC)
Company: River BioMedic

Project coordinator Prof. Dr. Henri Versteeg (LUMC), Dr. Araci Rondon (LUMC)
Company: Mimetas

Project coordinator Dr. Regina Luttge (TU/e), Prof. dr. Jeroen Pasterkamp & Prof. dr. Elly Hol (UMCU)
Company: InnoSer

Project coordinator Prof. dr. Anton Jan van Zonneveld (LUMC), Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeier (LACDR)
Companies: Ncardia, Mimetas

Project coordinator Dr. Séverine Le Gac (University of Twente), Prof. dr. Leon Terstappen & dr. Liliana Moreira Teixeira (University of Twente), Dr. Hugo Snippert (UMCU)
Companies: VyCAP, Fluigent, BEOnChip

Project coordinator Dr. Andries van der Meer (University of Twente), Prof. dr. Christine Mummery (LUMC), Prof. dr. Anneke den Hollander (Radboudumc)
Companies: Boehringer Ingelheim, Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing

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