Milica Dostanic wins Best Poster award at International MicroNano Conference 2019

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

PhD candidate Milica Dostanic of the Electronic Components, Technology and Materials group (ECTM) of Delft University of Technology, partner of hDMT, won the Best Poster Award at this year's International MicroNano Conference in Utrecht (NL) with her poster titled "A miniaturized EHT platform for contractile tissue measurements"*.

The poster presented the fabrication and preliminary characterisation of the smallest engineered heart tissues reported to date, as a joint work between TU Delft's ECTM group led by Lina Sarro and the research group led by hDMT chair Christine Mummery at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) funded by the Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI).

* M. Dostanic, L. Windt, J. Stein, B. van Meer, M. Mastrangeli, C. Mummery and P. M. Sarro, "A miniaturized EHT platform for contractile tissue measurements", International MicroNano Conference 2019, Utrecht (NL)

Foto credits: Hande Aydogmus (TU Delft)

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