Luc van der laan talks about research on mini liver in NRC

Monday, 6 January 2020

New laboratory techniques can help solve the shortage of donor liver, argues hDMT PI professor Luc van der Laan in the Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad, on the occasion of his oration 'Heal the liver'.

Mini livers

He also tells about building liver tissue in a petri dish. In this way, scientists can mimic the complete liver function in miniature. Within the research program Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D he works together with the group of Hans Clevers in Utrecht, who grows organoids. "This also works with liver stem cells," says Van der Laan. "We can differentiate them into functional liver cells in a system of branched gall passages." You can see these mini livers with the naked eye: they are up to half a centimetre in size.

Foto Floris Roos, Erasmus MC.

Source: NRC Lang leve de lablever (in Dutch) (pdf)

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