Moore4Medical project granted to develop open technology platforms for medical devices

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The recently granted Moore4Medical project intends to accelerate innovation in electronic and microfabricated devices for a number of emerging medical domains. In Moore4Medical 68 partners from 13 countries participate. This three-year project has a budget of 68M and will start in June 2020.

Too often promising medical device innovations end up in the "valley of death" because the market size simply does not justify the huge cost associated with product development. This especially holds when capital intensive production technologies such as microfabrication are involved. The consumer electronics industry has since long tackled this problem by the endorsement of open technology platforms, which has resulted in a breathtaking speed of innovation: Moore's Law.

The vision of the recently established Health.E lighthouse is to extend Moore's law to medical devices by promoting the concept of open technology platforms for the medical domain. The Moore4Medical project is an implementation of this vision. In the project open technology platforms will be developed for a number of emerging medical domains including: bioelectronic medicines, drug delivery, personal ultrasound, radiation-free interventions, remote body sensing and Organ-on-Chip.

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Multiwell plate format

For the Organ-on-Chip part of the project, this involves the development of a number of platforms that bring Organ-on-Chip devices, sensors and microfluidics into a multiwell plate format. This includes a universal smart well plate suitable for a variety of Organ-on-Chip devices from different manufacturers, a high-density electrophysiology plate and a smart well plate lid that will contain a variety of sensors and can be used in combination with ordinary standard well plates.

The Dutch partners involved in the Organ-on-Chip part are: TUDelft (coordinator), TU/e, Micronit, Philips Innovation Services, BI/OND, TNO-Holst and BESI Netherlands.

The Moore4Medical project has been accepted for funding within the Electronic Components and Systems For European Leadership (ECSEL) Joint Undertaking in collaboration with the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme and National Authorities.

Moore4Medical Consortium

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