Verena Schwach starts with Heart-on-Chip research after successful crowdfunding

Friday, 10 January

Verena Schwach, researcher at the group of hDMT PI Robert Passier (University of Twente), can start with her research to improved treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. In collaboration with the Dutch Heart Foundation, Verena started a crowdfunding campaign in October to raise enough money to start the research. On 8th December 2019 it was announced that she had raised the target amount of at least 25.000 euros. Thanks to all donations and the 'Hartstichting Verdubbelaar', Verena raised more than 57,000 euros for her research.

Verena hopes to reduce the number of cardiac arrests, brain infarcts and heart failure and to even prevent them from occurring in the future as much as possible. In her research, Verena hopes to use stem cells of patients with the same genetic defect in the DNA as certain patients. This allows the growing of actual living heart muscle cells of a patient and the possibility to research what medication and treatment works best for the patient in question. Verena: "It's my goal to find personalized medication in order to improve treatment of cardiac dysrhythmia and to prevent its serious consequences. Thanks to all the donations, I can start this research."

Source: UTwente

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