Takeaways of the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference on animal-free Innovations

Sunday, 12 January

From the 27th till the 29th of November, the Dutch Transition Programme for animal-free Innovations (TPI) organised the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference in Utrecht. The goal was to present the Dutch way of accelerating this transition and to instigate a true dialogue between researchers, regulators and developers. The Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality urged participants to take ownership and work together towards a system in which animal testing becomes redundant.

The more than 150 participants from 16 different countries were representatives of academia, research funders, large scale companies, start-ups, government, regulators and NGOs. This mixed group of people had a full schedule during the conference. They listened to stories about innovations and attended simulated high school or college classes. They discussed key questions on the validation and acceptance of animal-free tests and participated in conversations on closer collaborations between developers, regulators and users of animal-free tests. There was plenty of opportunity to freely connect and discuss the possibilities and challenges of animal-free testing in smaller settings.

A short video impression of the P2P Conference: Looking beyond borders

A report in writing and in drawing

Also, a new platform was launched to connect experts.

Here managing director of hDMT Janny van den Eijnden - van Raaij presents hDMT, ORCHID and EUROoCS and the aim of Organ-on-Chip technology.

Source: TPI

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