TPI booklet 26x better and faster without the use of animals

Sunday, 12 January

hDMT contributed to a booklet of the Dutch Transition Programme for animal-free Innovations (TPI) entitled '26x better and faster without the use of animals' on Dutch start-ups and scale-ups involved in the transition in the Netherlands. The booklet contains 26 positive stories and examples of producers of animal-free testing methods, including many hDMT contacts which have shown an interest and/or are involved in Organ-on-Chip technology.

Collaboration between all stakeholders is key to further development, implementation and acceptance of these technologies, whether they involve Organs-on-Chip, smart ex-vivo techniques or computer models.

TPI thinks the Netherlands has a positive role to play here, in Europe and around the world. They mention the Dutch OoC Consortium hDMT, which is hard at work to create an ecosystem with a growing European network of research groups in over 17 countries (European Organ-on-Chip Society) as a fine example of this.

Besides the stories of start-ups and scale-ups working on animal-free innovations, this booklet contains reflections, visions and initiatives from the top sector LifeScience & Health (Health Holland), consortium hDMT, trade association HollandBio, the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing, and multinational contract research organisation Charles River.

The booklet can be downloaded here.

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