Gülden Akçay starts on Nervous systems-on-Chip: from tech to app

Tuesday, 14 January

The Microsystems/Neuro-Nanoscale Engineering group of hDMT PI Regina Luttge at the Eindhoven University of Technology welcomes PhD student Gülden Akçay. Gülden's PhD project encompasses the work on microphysiological human brain and nervous systems on chip in order to advance our fundamental understanding of higher order structure, function and pathophysiology of the human nervous systems, therein developing novel technical platforms for next-generation medicines and therapies for neurological diseases and disorders.

To reach this goal Gülden will utilize human induced pluripotent stem cell cultures to form the required complex neural tissue on chip. Her focus is on the design of a nanogrooved enhanced hydrogel scaffold for 3D cultured neuronal cell networks that allows the study of mechanical aspects such as dynamic scaffold alterations and the occurrence of stress seen when nervous diseases undergo progression.

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