ORCHID completed

Thursday, 30 January

The ORCHID (Organ-on-Chip In Development) project has been finalized. During the final ORCHID meeting in Leiden on 23 September 2019, the European Organ-on-Chip roadmap and other deliverables and milestones of ORCHID were presented to a broad audience of end-users, regulators, clinicians, developers, policymakers and patient representatives.

The Final Report in the form of a third ORCHID brochure describes the achievements of ORCHID and refers to the relevant documents that have been delivered during the 2-year ORCHID project.

ORCHID has been selected as one of the best projects for the FET seminar in Brussels on 23 January 2020. The results were presented for policy and program officers from the European Commission (ERC, the EIC task force, the FET program (both Open and Proactive) and from the JRC) and will be disseminated via different channels.

Janny van den Eijnden - van Raaij at the FET seminar in Brussels

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