Jorik Amesz on internship in TME lab in Zaragoza

Monday, 20 April

Jorik Amesz, a biomedical engineering master student from Delft University of Technology, came just before the lockdown back from Spain after an internship of six months.

Last year, he followed the lecture of professor Ronald Dekker about Organ-on-Chips and became enthusiastic about the research field. Via Dekkers contacts and the hDMT network, Jorik went to Spain on an Erasmus+ Traineeship grant for an internship at the Tissue Microenvironment Lab (TME) of the University of Zaragoza. He even extended his internship twice!

"The TME lab gave me the opportunity to gain experience with cell cultures. People with a technical education as well as a biological education work in the lab, and this combination was very much in line with my biomedical engineering study," he tells. "I worked on the development of a microfluidic blood vessel model with Organ-on-Chip. It was a unique experience in which I gained hands-on-experience with cell culture and microfluidics."

See his video on his LinkedIn post

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