BI/OND takes initiative to donate Organ-on-Chip technology for corona research

Wednesday, 22 April

BI/OND challenges every Organ-on-Chip company such as River BioMedics, Darwin Microfluidics and BEOnChip (Biomimetic Environment On-Chip) to contribute by donating to research groups.

"Today we are donating a set of chips for a Lung-on-Chip model to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EFPL) in Lausanne and researcher Vivek Thacker who is working on Covid-19," CTO Nikolas Gaio says, launching the initiative with #OoCovid on twitter. Gaio hoops to convince other startups and Organ-on-Chip companies to take similar actions.

BEOnChip already replied that it accepted the challenge and soon publishes how the will do their part in the crisis. Also, River Biomedics already confirmed they will join.

Source: BI/OND, twitter, LinkedIn.

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