Nervous-systems-on-Chip technology (TU/e) research at full strength

Thursday, 30 April

The Neuro-Nanoscale Engineering research group of Microsystems section of hDMT PI Regina Luttge at the Eindhoven University of Technology sheds light on how microsystems technology can benefit 3D Nervous-systems-on-Chip models.

The Neuro-Nanoscale Engineering group welcomes Dr. Yagmur Demircan Yalcin as a postdoc fellow. She is working on the design and implementation of novel physiological sensors which combine electrical and mechanical modalities for 3D Nervous-system-on-a-Chip models emulating neurodegenerative diseases.

Since June 2019, PhD student Rahman Sabahi Kavinani joined Luttge's research team. Rahman's PhD project entails the design and development of new microfluidic systems within the EU-FET-Proactive CONNECT project that is coordinated by TU/e. Great progress has been made by Rahman in the project already presenting his first microtunnel-based Nervous-system-on-Chip design in action at EUROoCS 2020 online. The Neuro-Nanoscale Engineering group congratulates Rahman on acceptance of his abstract!

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