Andrew Morrison starts on development of immune competent Lymph node-on-Chip model

Saturday, 2 May

Andrew Morrison recently joined the group of hDMT PI Sue Gibbs of the Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC. He is going to work on the Lymph node-on-Chip model project.

This project is in collaboration with the Amsterdam Rheumatology Center for Autoimmune Diseases (ARCAID) in order to develop a functional 3D organotypic lymph node with integrated lymphatics that mimic adaptive immune responses.

Combining research on lymph node stromal cells and current in-house expertise of tissue engineering and microfluidic devices, the overall objective is to design an Organ-on-Chip model that features lymphatic drainage of an immune competent gut into a lymph node, i.e. "Lymph node-on-Chip". The immunosurveillance capability of the potential model will be assessed by inducing an inflammatory response, with the end goal of utilizing this technology for testing of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) drugs.

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