ZonMW Call for COVID-19 Bottom-up research

Saturday, 2 May

ZonMW has published on May 1, 2020, the subsidy call 'COVID-19 Bottom-up focus area 1&2'. This call focuses on two of the three focus areas of the COVID-19 programme, namely 1. predictive diagnostics and treatment and 2. care and prevention.

Within this call, a separate budget has been allocated for animal-free innovations by MKMD (Meer Kennis met Minder Dieren) and Proefdiervrij, see appendix 1a of the subsidy call.

Read full subsidy call: COVID-19 Bottom-up focus area 1&2

Deadline 14 May 2020,14.00 hours

- Attention area 1 has 4 themes: Treatment; Diagnosis of infection; Risk analysis and prognosis; Virus, immunity, immune response and pathogenesis
- Attention area 2 has 3 themes: Organisation of care and prevention, Care and prevention for vulnerable citizens; Transmission and epidemiology

A maximum total of € 15,000,000 is available for this subsidy round, of which € 8,500,000 for focus area 1 and € 6,500,000 for focus area 2. A maximum of €500,000 is available per project. The intended maximum duration of the projects is 24 months.

This subsidy call is part of the special research programme COVID-19

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