Update Nanovision 2030 available with additional chapter on corona research

Tuesday, 30 June

NanoNextNL has published an English version of the manifesto NanoVision 2030 containing an additional chapter on cooperation in research in the current corona era.

Nanovision 2030 is a multi-year plan for the knowledge and innovation agenda around the key enabling technology, nanotechnology, for solving societal challenges. This aligns with the four themes the Netherlands has chosen, health and healthcare, energy and sustainability, agriculture, water, and food, and security, and in line with the European Green deal, as hDMT PI professor Albert van den Berg says in the prologue. The programme outlined here, Nano4Society, can make vital contributions to these mission-driven innovations.

As an illustration of the dynamics and flexibility of the nanotech community, a special chapter on nano-solutions for the "corona challenge" is added. Just as in the previous manifesto Organ-on-Chip technology takes a prominent place:

Organs-on-Chips for better COVID-19 treatment (hDMT)

Why does the disease lead to such serious complications in one patient, but not the other? What is the most promising target to develop a new drug? Are there new types of treatments that are potentially effective? And are such experimental treatments actually safe? In order to quickly provide answers to these questions, organ-on-chip studies that realistically mimic the patients' bodies will be utilized.

Download the Nano4Society Nanovision 2030 (pdf)

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