EU Grant for Tumor-Lymph Node-on-Chip for cancer studies

Monday, 14 December 2020

A European consortium of 11 partners has received funding from the European Union (H2020 - DT-NMBP-23-2020) to develop a Tumor-Lymph Node-on-Chip.

The lymphatic system and lymph nodes (LNs) are an integral part of our adaptive immune system and many tumors exploit lymphatic vessels to spread and colonize downstream LNs.

Tumor-LN-oC aims to offer a comprehensive solution for a robust, automated Tumor-Lymph Node-on-Chip platform that will connect primary surgically removed human tumors and LN tissue from the same cancer patient. This will allow us to study the interaction of primary tumors with lymph nodes, identify their chemical signature, and offer personalized treatment relying on molecular characterization of lymph node metastasizing cells.

The project is led by Ioanna Zergioti (National Technical University of Athens). The Microsystems group (TU/e) of hDMT PI's Ye Wang and Jaap den Toonder are closely involved. hDMT Managing Director Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij is member of the Advisory Board.

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