Berend van Meer wins Hugo van Poelgeest prize

Friday, 16 October

Proefdiervrij together with Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn recently awarded hDMT researcher Berend van Meer the Hugo van Poelgeestprijs 2020 for alternatives to animal testing for his work on human Heart-on-Chip models.

"With his research into human heart models, Van Meer has shown that he has a vision of what the future may look like. He also knows how this vision can become reality. Van Meer is already busy realizing this future by setting up a company that will realize it. In addition, the young researcher ensures familiarity with the subject by publishing frequently in scientific journals and he regularly gives lectures for a wider audience," according to the jury.

"It is great to get such support and it enables me to independently start pilot experiments for an important next step towards using these complex human in vitro models as animal alternative in drug testing," Van Meer says.

In this video Berend van Meer explains his research on human Heart-on-Chip models. He measures the electrical activity, calcium flow and contraction of human heart models to assess the risks of heart medication.

The price amounts 3000 euro and is presented annually to a young researcher who does excellent, animal-free research in the life sciences

Other nominees, also part of the hDMT consortium, were:

  • Anke Tukker (IRAS/UU) investigates the harmfulness of substances on human Nerve cells-on-Chip that predicts the risk of an epileptic seizure.
  • Carlo Paggi (University of Twente) is developing a Joint-on-Chip model, which mimics the 3D environment and exposure to pressure and shear movements of cartilage cells in joints.

Source: Proefdiervrij

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