Invitation nominations for the Willy van Heumen Prize 2021

Wednesday, 11 November

The Willy van Heumen Fund will award the Willy van Heumen Prize in 2021. The price is set at €15,000, to be spent at your own discretion on the welfare of animals. The Willy van Heumen Prize is a prize that is awarded once every two years by the Willy van Heumen Fund to a person or organization that has made a special contribution in the Netherlands to promote that the use of laboratory animals for medical purposes is limited to the really necessary experiments and that alternatives to the use of laboratory animals are exploited as best as possible.

For whom
Eligible are scientists / researchers who have published a completed study in the past two years that has made a substantial contribution to the replacement, reduction or refinement of animal experiments (3Rs).

Each candidate should provide three components (

  • CV of maximum 2 pages A4;
  • A motivation of maximum 350 words. The motivation must describe how this published research contributes to or has an impact on the 3Rs;
  • Publication of the study as PDF.

More information (in Dutch)
Website ZonMw

Deadline: before 15 February 2021

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