Invitation: EU survey about the choice and use of experimental models

Friday, 11 December 2020

In order to steer scientific policy-making, it is important to understand the needs of scientists. The aim of this survey is to gain insight into the factors that influence the choice and use of experimental models. The Survey is conducted by Fresci, commissioned by Eurogroup for Animals.

Are you a researcher or an educator in life science, animal or human health? Science has never proven so fruitful and promising, but also, never has it been under such deep scrutiny by the public eye. Nowadays, there are many stakeholders shaping science policy and we must communicate to bridge our opinions.

Fresci - a consulting company made by scientists - believes in the power of science. For this reason, they want to register the voices and opinions of fellow researchers about the use of the experimental models in research. The results will be made publicly available to any interested party. By taking part in the Questionnaire, you will contribute to creating a meaningful and useful picture of research for all the stakeholders that wish to shape the policy in science.

So you are invitated to fill in this survey here.

Experimental Models in Research - EU 2020

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