Organ-on-Chip and hDMT in Roadmap Nanotechnology

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Holland High Tech of the Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) has recently presented the Roadmap Nanotechnology in which Organ-on-Chip technology and hDMT take a prominent place in the development of this key technology in the Netherlands.

Nanotechnology is considered a key technology. The Roadmap Nanotechnology (pdf) describes the multi-year plan to bring this key technology to a higher level. In order to achieve this, the entire value chain has been involved and described, from science to spin-off and start-up, from SMEs to large companies and of course also the end user.

The roadmap provides a vision for development by connecting scientific agendas to societal challenges. Social relevance is emphatically integrated into it, because socially responsible innovations can only be successful through collaboration between science and business. In particular, this roadmap describes how the Netherlands can maintain its leading position in nanotechnology on the international playing field.

The Netherlands has opted for four main themes in which nanotechnology can play a key role in meeting societal challenges:

  1. Health and healthcare
  2. Energy and sustainability
  3. Agriculture, water and food
  4. Security

All these themes are in line with the European Green deal.

Source: Holland High Tech

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