hDMT Theme Group activities

Friday, 18 December 2020

In 2020 most of the hDMT theme group meetings were held online. During the meetings the number of participants was doubled compared with the physical meetings the year before. During these meetings there were lively discussions that have resulted in new collaborations.

The Eye-on-Chip group coordinators invited two key experts for their meeting, Prof. Jan Hoeijmakers from Erasmus MC Rotterdam, and Prof. Kapil Bharti from the National Eye Institute, NIH, USA, who both gave an excellent lecture about aging. After each lecture ideas for setting up new collaborations on this topic were exchanged.

The chairmanship for two hDMT theme groups has been changed:

Christine Mummery, chair of the Vessels-on-Chip group passed the baton to Valeria Orlova (chair, Leiden University Medical Center, on the picture top left) and Antoinette Maassen-van de Brink (vice-chair, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, on the picture top right).

Anika Nagelkerke (University of Groningen, on the picture bottom left) joined John Martens (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, on the picture bottom right) as vice-chair of the Cancer-on-Chip group.

hDMT is very grateful to Christine and welcomes the next generation chairs.

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