hDMT Theme group activities

Tuesday, 20 April

Due to the ongoing pandemics the hDMT theme group meetings are still being held online. Because of the high attendance many of the groups are considering alternating online and in-person meetings for the future. Following the Vessels-on-Chip and Cancer-on-Chip group all other groups now have a dual chairmanship.

hDMT theme groups consist of researchers who are active in the research field of the theme group or who intend to do so. Any researcher affiliated with an hDMT partner institute, at any scientific level, can participate in a theme group. Each theme group is led by two coordinators: the theme group chair, who is appointed for two years, and the vice-chair who is also appointed for two years and is chair elect. The coordinators are nominated and elected by the group members. They preferably have a complementary background (one in biology and the other in technical engineering).

The theme groups usually meet for one day, two or three times a year. The aim is to exchange results and ideas, strengthen the community and develop common lines of research. The theme group meetings facilitate personal interactions ("a virtual coffee corner") and build new collaborations. Theme group members are invited to present their latest results or research plans, and new members present their expertise and interests - with ample time for open discussions. The theme group coordinators together decide on the program of the theme group meetings, chair the meetings, and where relevant represent hDMT in their lobbying and networking activities.

Theme group meetings are preferably held at one of the partner institutes, with a lab tour by one of the theme group members during the lunch break. The theme groups are supported by the hDMT foundation.

hDMT theme groups and their coordinators per 1-1-2021:


Nael Nadif Kasri (chair, Radboudumc) and Massimo Mastrangeli (vice-chair, TU Delft)


John Martens (chair, Erasmus MC) and Anika Nagelkerke (vice-chair, University of Groningen)


Andries van der Meer (chair, UTwente) and Anneke den Hollander (vice-chair, Radboudumc)


Evita van de Steeg (chair, TNO) and Sebo Withoff (vice-chair, UMCG)


Robert Passier (chair, UTwente) and Jolanda van der Velden (vice-chair, Amsterdam UMC)

Skeletal Muscle-on-Chip:

Pim Pijnappel (chair, Erasmus MC) and Jessica de Greef (vice-chair, LUMC)


Valeria Orlova (chair, Leiden University Medical Center) and Antoinette Maassen-van den Brink (vice-chair, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam).

hDMT is very grateful to Steven Kushner (past coordinator Brain-on-Chip) and Hans Bouwmeester (past coordinator Gut/Liver-on-Chip group) and welcomes the next generation chairs.

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