Mieke Schutte now managing director of hDMT

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dr. Mieke Schutte has been appointed as member of the hDMT Executive board. She will share the position of Managing Director with Dr. Janny van den Eijnden - van Raaij.

Dr. Mieke Schutte obtained her PhD in molecular immunology in 1992 at Utrecht University. She was postdoctoral fellow in pancreatic cancer genomics from 1992 till 1995 and then research associate at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, USA. In 1997 she started her own research group at the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Here she studied the molecular and medical-biological characteristics of families with hereditary breast cancer and of human breast cancer cell lines. In 2009 she switched careers and became executive manager of the Lorentz Center, an international center for workshops in the sciences, hosted by Leiden University. Today she is quartermaster for expansion of the Lorenz Center in the social sciences and humanities. In addition she now is one of the managing directors of hDMT.

Dr. Mieke Schutte

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