First workshop hDMT/NanoInside project

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

lab visit at the TU Eindhoven lab visit at the TU Eindhoven

lab visit at the TU Eindhoven

The first workshop in the project 'hDMT/NanoInside: Organs-on-Chip Technology Platform' took place at the University of Twente on September 15. Over 40 researchers and representatives from hDMT partners and hi-tech companies participated in this one-day event that was the official kick-off for this hDMT/NanoNextNL-sponsored project. The hDMT/NanoInside project aims to promote standardization and development of common solutions in Organ-on-Chip technology development by promoting collaboration among hands-on researchers and engineers of hDMT partner institutions. This will lead to technical standardization of technology platforms and more streamlined development of new Organ-on-Chip systems. hDMT/NanoInside will run until the end of 2016.

The majority of participants at the workshop were Master's students, PhD candidates, and post-docs. In multiple brainstorming sessions these hands-on researchers defined concrete ideas for collaboration. In the next stages of the hDMT/NanoInside project these ideas will be converted into proposals for pilot projects, some of which will receive funding of up to €6000 per project. In order to further stimulate the interaction between the researchers, follow-up workshops were held at UTwente, TU Eindhoven and TU Delft.

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