Two stemcell projects granted by ZonMw

Thursday, 23 February 2017

ZonMw granted two projects by hDMT researchers.

1. Human stem cell-based high-throughput screening platform for cardiac disease

Goal: In this research project we will use a human pluripotent stem-cell based heart on chip model where we measure important functional parameters of cardiomyocytes, such as contractility, electrophysiology and calcium signalling in a high throughput system. This will allow us to develop better and safer drugs and reduce the number of animals.
ZonMw Programme 'Toepassen van Innovaties'


University of Twente
Main applicant: Prof.dr. R. Passier
co-applicant: Prof.dr. D. Stamatialis
co-applicant: Dr. A. van der Meer
Main Researchers Marcelo Ribeiro and Iris Allijn

2. Diseased cardiomyocytes from human stem cells for drug-repurposing and safety pharmacology

Goal: applying hiPSC-CMs and integrated electrophysiological technology in identifying compounds to treat long-QT syndrome) and to implement this disease hiPSC-CM platform in drug development (e.g. anti-arrhythmic) and drug safety testing (e.g. pro-arrhythmic prediction) directly into the FDA/EMA drug development and approval procedures.
ZonMw programme 'Meer Kennis met Minder Dieren'


Leiden University Medical Center
Main applicant: Prof. C. Mummery
Projectleader: Dr. M. Bellin
Main researcher: Dr. L. Sala

Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
Co-projectleader: Prof. A. IJzerman

Pluriomics b.v.
Contact person: Dr. S. Braam

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