hDMT consortium meeting

Friday, 24 February 2017

At February 3rd the first annual hDMT Consortium Meeting was held. The meeting was hosted by the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht.​

At this "closed" meeting researchers from all hDMT partner organisations who are actively involved in hDMT research, from student to professor, could meet and mingle. In the morning the hDMT theme groups presented their activities and plans.

In the morning the hDMT research theme groups were presented, including a possible gut-on-chip theme group presented by Hans Bouwmeester.

The afternoon program started with a very lively interactive plenary presentation of and discussion on the hDMT research strategy. Then six presentations on research highlights followed.

Research highlights

Hossein Eslami Amirabadi: A new method to understand cancer cell migration: microfluidic devices with integrated extracellular matrix mimicking lauyrs

Femke de Vrij: Maturation phenotype in human 3D neural networks derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells with MAPT mutations

David Barata: Biomaterials-based microfluidic devices with embedded three dimensional topographical features for cell-material interaction studies

Sylvia Le Dévédec: Unravelling the metabolic control of tumor progression using systems microscopy appoaches

Oscar Stassen: The development of an in-vitro biomimetic human valve-on-a-chip to study the interplay between signalling and mechanoresponse of the valve

Sue Gibbs: Introduction of hair neopapillae into tissue-engineerd skin

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