VU Campus - hDMT meeting

Monday, 24 April 2017

The first VU Campus - hDMT meeting was organized at 21th of March to introduce hDMT research to the VU Campus and to present the several human organ and disease model technologies which are currently developed on the VU Campus.


Sue Gibbs started with a presentation to introduce hDMT.In the second part of the program several VU researchers presented their work and challenges on stable organotypic cultures in microfluidic devices. Pieter Koolwijk showed early experiments with an angiochip which might be used to study anastomosis. This was followed by a presentation by Paul Wijnker about human tissue-engineered heart tissue. Sue Gibbs discussed the challenges of skin-on-chip cultures. The last speaker, Astrid Bakker, explained the plans of two grants she received for bone-on-chip.


Following the presentations there was a lively discussion about possible collaboration between departments and help with challenges faced by the research groups. With collaborations between departments and other organizations, VU campus researchers are expected to combine organotypic cultures with microfluidic devices and advanced technologies to better mimic the in vivo microenvironment.

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