Kick-off of NWO building blocks of life project MicroGut

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

On October 3rd 2017 the GUTTEST project started with a kick-off meeting in Wageningen. In this project we aim to develop an advanced microbiome-containing immune competent gut-on-a-chip. This will allow us to study fundamental interactions of drugs and (fermented) food ingredients with the intestinal microbiome and the local intestinal inflammatory system. Potentially, this results in novel leads/targets to modulate the intestinal microbial inflammatory system. The modulation of intestinal functioning is required for an efficient uptake of nutrients contributing importantly to healthy living. In addition, this work will result in an in vitro alternative for animal trials.

The MICRO-GUT project consortium consists of three academic research groups on: (i) intestinal microbiology (Wageningen University, MIB), (ii) food- toxicology and advanced intestinal in vitro models (Wageningen University, TOX), and (iii) microfluidics and on chip sensing (University of Twente, BIOS). The private partners are Royal DSM, Galapagos, Micronit, Metalmembranes, and the public partner RIKILT-Wageningen Research.

Three PhD students will be working within this project: Menno Grouls (WU-TOX), Elsbeth Bossink (UT-BIOS), Janneke Elzinga (WU-MIB).

Contact: Dr. Ir Hans Bouwmeester (

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