hDMT seeks collaborators

Thursday, 9 November 2017

for €4M NWO-TTW Perspectief Program proposal "SMART Organ-on-Chip: State-of-the-art Micro-physiological Approach to Recapitulate Tissues"

The SMART Organ-on-Chip program involves the development of a versatile chip platform that includes many technical features that are typically missing in current Organ-on-Chip models. An important biological aspect will be the integration of microenvironments allowing the study of fibrosis in organ context. The SMART Organ-on-Chip will be of particular interest for the food and pharma industries and beyond. hDMT is seeking project partners from the private and public sectors to collaborate in designing and developing the SMART Organ-on-Chip.

The SMART Organ-on-Chip program that hDMT researchers are developing includes a list of the researchers involved and contact information. We are seeking private and public sector parties interested in collaborating on this program. If you are interested in such collaboration, please contact one of the researchers involved. You can also contact the managing directors of hDMT for further information: Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij (; +316 1299 8074) or Mieke Schutte (; +316 3988 8763).

For information on the NWO-TTW Perspective Program please visit:

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