hDMT wiki: a virtual meeting space

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

At researchers working at hDMT partner organisations present themselves and their research to potential collaborators.

For visitors who don't work at hDMT partner organisations, only the profiles and contact details of hDMT reseachers are accessible.

With an account, information is also accesible about:

- the experimental disease models that hDMT researchers work on
- the organ-on-chip models that hDMT researchers are developing
- all enabling technologies that hDMT researchers have access to or are developing

The purpose of the hDMT wiki is to promote and facilitate collaboration between hDMT researchers and avoid redundancy in research, by making it easy to:

- share and present Organ-on-Chip activities
- help technical universities find new applications for their devices
- provide biologists with possible devices available for specific applications
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