Call proposals for Organ-on-Chip showcases is open!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Top Consortium Knowledge & Innovation office of the Topsector LSH (TKI-LSH) has launched the HHOOCS program specifically aimed at fundamental Organ-on-Chip (OoC) research.

The HHOOCS program is a great opportunity to develop an OoC showcase that integrates human stem cell or organoid in vitro cultures and/or microfluidics technology. OoC showcases are defined as the experimental proof of concept OoC models showing that it is feasible to recapitulate key aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in health and/or disease.

A short summary of the project conditions:

  • - Requested PPP Allowance: € 300,000 - € 500,000 per project (max 70% of total costs)
  • - Private co-funding: 20% of total costs (company, patient and/or health organization)
  • - Knowledge institute: 10% of total costs (in kind)
  • - Maximum project duration: 18 months
  • - Submission deadline: 14 January 2019

More information:
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