Lush Prize won by Nikolas Gaio of Delft University of Technology

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Amongst the seventeen Lush Prize 2018 winners from nine countries was Nikolas Gaio of Delft University of Technology, an hDMT partner which actively collaborates on the further development of Organ-on-Chip technology. Organ-on-Chip technology not only is a big promise for better human model systems, but also has the potential to minimize the need for animal testing, as stated in the mission of hDMT.

Nikolas Gaio won the Young Researcher Award for his work on silicon chips for the Organ-on-Chip field at the TUDelft and startup BI/OND. The Young Researcher Prize is for keen young scientists, up to 35 years, with a desire to fund the next stage of a career focused on an animal-test free future. Each selected scientists receives £10,000.


A video by the Lush Prize organization about Nikolas Gaio's job:

A video about BI/ONDs Versatile Organ-on-Chip Platform:

The Dutch newspaper Trouw wrote an article about Nikolas Gaio:

About Lush Prize

Lush Prize supports initiatives across science for animal-free toxicology research (product testing). The annual Lush Prize Conference was this year held in Berlin on 16th November 2018.

Fighting animal testing with the Lush Prize 2018:
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