Thu, 18 August
Eurostars and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) have announced a Promotional Call for Project Ideas to increase the Swiss - Dutch cooperation in innovation. A special focus is given to Microfluidics in life science applications. The Dutch funding for the 7th call in Eurostars is approximately 9.1 million... Read more
Wed, 13 July
This is the talk Anja van der Stolpe held at Nanocity 2016, about In vitro human organ and disease culture models towards in vitro (pre-)clinical trials "on chips". Abstract Development of targeted therapy for personalized treatment of patients requires understanding of the human physiology and... Read more
Thu, 7 July
hDMT has submitted "Cancer-on-Chip Technology: the Revolution in Cancer Care" as an innovative business model on a symposium on accessibility of cancer medicines, organised by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). hDMT's business model was selected as one of three pitches to be presented at the symposium.... Read more
Thu, 7 July
Eindhoven Technical University, University of Twente, and Delft Technical University are launching the first hDMT project 'Organs-on-chips technology platform'. The project will run until the end of 2016. It consists of exploratory workshops, joint pilot projects, a digital forum for information exchange and... Read more
Thu, 7 July
Human organ and Disease Model Technologies/Organ-on-chip is mentioned as focus area for 'Personalized Medicine' within the key application 'Smart Health' of the 2016 ECSEL Multi Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA). The MASRIA identifies and explores specific Electronic Components and Systems... Read more
Thu, 7 July
During 2016 and 2017, consultations will take place in preparation of the next Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-2019/2020. With the help of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency hDMT has submitted consultation forms to the Netherlands delegations in the Horizon 2020 Programme Committees for LEIT-ICT and for Health. In this way organ-on-chip... Read more
Thu, 7 July
Organs-on-chips in top 10 of emerging technologies The economic World Forum has pulished its yearly list of 10 most promising emerging technologies. Organs-on-chips has reached the 6th place. Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2016 (PDF) A diverse range of breakthrough technologies, including batteries capable of providing power... Read more
Fri, 1 July
The Route workshop 'Regenerative Medicine' (March 30, 2016) has resulted in a formal advisory document, ('Uitkomsten routeworkshop', in Dutch only) for the NWA steering group, based on the workshop results. hDMT participated in this workshop and in the committee writing the advice. The advice will be... Read more
Thu, 30 June
Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij gave a keynote lecture on organ-on-chip technology and hDMT at the joint event of the International Society on Olfaction and Chemical Sensing (ISOCS) and the European Commission (Micro Bio Nano Convergence Systems, MNBS) on June 25-29 2016 (Otranto, Italy).This was a nice opportunity to... Read more
Sun, 26 June
A showcase containing a number of hDMT chips illustrated the possibilities of this technology At the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, hDMT was present at the European Conference Industrial Technologies 2016 (June 22-24 2016, Amsterdam,The Netherlands), represented by managing directors Janny van... Read more
Fri, 17 June
Organs-on-chips on primetime Dutch television Z today (RTLZ) 16 juni 2016 RTL Nieuws, 16 June 2016 Read more
Wed, 1 June
The Cytostretch Organ-on-Chip device, developed by TUDelft, is one of the demonstrators in the European project InForMed, which has been running since June 2015. Now, one year into the project, a clear path has been defined to turn Cytostretch into a high volume manufacturable product that is validated and... Read more
Fri, 1 January
Seven renowned medical experts in The Netherlands, covering required clinical expertises, now form the Clinical Advisory Coard (CAB) of hDMT. All members of the Clinical Advisory Board are renowned medical experts in The Netherlands, covering required clinical expertises. They have expertise in (multidisciplinary) translational research... Read more