Wed, 23 August
PESCADoR: PhEnotypic Screening for CAncer DRug Discovery hDMT scientist Jaap den Toonder (TU/e) participates in a consortium that has obtained funding from the Academy of Finland (total 990 kEuro) to develop an experimental platform that recapitulates the architecture of human cancers for testing anti-cancer therapies as well as means... Read more
Fri, 18 August
Jean-Philippe Frimat (postdoc in the microsystem group at TU/eindhoven) has been awarded an Off Road grant (125.000 Euro) by ZonMW for his proposal on developing a Human brain biopsy on a chip. The purpose of the Off Road grants is to enable young biomedical researchers to achieve breakthroughs by doing out-of-the-box... Read more
Thu, 17 August
A team of PhD candidates Cinzia Silvestri, William Quiros Solano and Nikolas Gaio (start-up company BI/OND ) and Ronald Dekker (TU/e) have recieved an NWO Take-Off Grant (Phase 1) for organ-on-a-chip development. NWO Take-off focuses on facilitating and encouraging commercial and entrepreneurial activities... Read more
Thu, 17 August
An hDMT team led by researcher Dik van Gent (Erasmus MC) has received a grant from the Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) and financed by the Alpe d'HuZes funding scheme. The project team will develop a cancer-on-chip device that allows relatively long term culturing of (breast) tumor tissue. Project information Title:... Read more
Wed, 16 August
hDMT is on the Science shortlist for the Lush Prize 2017. The prize is for individuals, research teams or institutions for work conducted on relevant toxicity pathways. Outstanding research producing an effective non-animal safety test based on an approach other than toxicity pathways, where none existed before, may also be considered. ... Read more
Wed, 16 August
Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH), launched the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2021 titled Grow~Motion. This new strategic document describes the health and care ambitions for the next four years (2018-2021) in the Neterlands. hDMT is mentioned as one of the 18 mature (and thus operational) strategic... Read more
Tue, 15 August
6 minute video, in Dutch Read more
Tue, 11 July
DMD2017 is open for abstract submission. The venue of the conference this year is the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven the Netherlands. Topics include: Organ-on-Chip, Electroceuticals, Clinical Robotics, Smart catheter for cardiovascular interventions, Handheld diagnostics, Smart body patches, In-body / minimally invasive instrument... Read more
Mon, 3 July
Encouraged by the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) representatives of the Mizuho Information & Research Institute in Tokyo visited hDMT at UTwente in Enschede on 18 January 2017. In commission of the Japanese NIH (AMED; Japanese Agency for Medical Research and Development), with involvement of the Japanese Ministry of Econcomy, Trade and... Read more
Mon, 3 July
Lenie van den Broek (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam) received the Best Poster Award for the presentation of the poster on skin-on-chip during the International Organ-On-Chip Symposium 2017 at the EPFL Campus in Lausanne. Title poster: Skin-on-Chip: Integrating Skin-Tissue and Microsystems engineering. Authors:... Read more
Mon, 3 July
On 2 and 3 May, 2017 the 2nd hDMT International Organ-on-Chip Symposium took place at the EPFL campus in Lausanne. There were 120 participants from various countries and organizations, including universities, knowledge institutes and industry. Over 30 posters were presented and there... Read more
Fri, 9 June
hDMT researchers publish article in Science on safer drug testing using human cellular models hDMT researchers co-authored an article in Science on the effects of the chemical BIA1 10-2474 on human nerve cells. In 2016 in a clinical trial with this drug in Rennes, France, serious adverse events occurred affecting five participants, including... Read more
Mon, 8 May
hDMT researchers receive NWO Gravitation grant for 10 years of top level, curiosity-driven, scientific research The six NOCI PI's at the granting ceremony. From left to right: Hans Clevers, Christine Mummery (project leader), Lina Sarro, Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Health), Michel Ferrari, Albert van den Berg, and Sebo... Read more
Wed, 26 April
The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a multi-year research and development agreement with a company called Emulate Inc. to evaluate the company's "Organs-on-Chips" technology in laboratories at the agency's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, one of a number of FDA efforts to help... Read more
Mon, 24 April
The first VU Campus - hDMT meeting was organized at 21th of March to introduce hDMT research to the VU Campus and to present the several human organ and disease model technologies which are currently developed on the VU Campus. Speakers Sue Gibbs started with a presentation to introduce hDMT.In the second part of the program several VU... Read more
Fri, 31 March
Development published a special issue on organoids. Hans Clevers and Jarno Drost published an article in this issue: Translational applications of adult stem cell-derived organoids This special issue features original research articles on organoids representing a range of different organs, including the brain,... Read more
Fri, 24 February
At February 3rd the first annual hDMT Consortium Meeting was held. The meeting was hosted by the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht.‚Äč At this "closed" meeting researchers from all hDMT partner organisations who are actively involved in hDMT research, from student to professor, could meet and mingle.... Read more
Thu, 23 February
See also the ERA-CVD newsletter january 2017 "Cardio-oncology: early detection and prevention of cardiac dysfunction and heart failure induced by cancer chemotherapeutics" received a grant from ERA-CVD Joint International Call (with ZonMW and Hartstichting)." Robert Passier (UTwente) is an hDMT... Read more
Thu, 23 February
ZonMw granted two projects by hDMT researchers. 1. Human stem cell-based high-throughput screening platform for cardiac disease Goal: In this research project we will use a human pluripotent stem-cell based heart on chip model where we measure important functional parameters of cardiomyocytes, such as contractility, electrophysiology... Read more
Wed, 22 February
The report on the 10th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio-Systems (MNBS 2016) has been published. It can be downloaded here This report covers the EU funded Research and Innovation MNBS cluster workshop held in Otranto, Italy, from 27th to 28th June 2016. The workshop was held within the... Read more
Tue, 21 February
Facilitated by ENATRANS and EPTN, NanoNextNL, Dutch Cancer Society and NWO Domain TTW joined forces to organize a miniconference on nanomedicine and cancer on Nano World Cancer Day (February 2nd 2017). This conference in Oudaen Castle (Utrecht) was visited by a mix of scientists, engineers, policymakers and patient representatives. They... Read more
Wed, 15 February
Connecting Researchers, Patients and Enabling Technologies Worldwide, personalized medicine is recognized as the next big dot on the horizon for health care. The program of the Health-RI conference, on December 1st, has given an insight into current and future developments of health research as well as initiatives to connect... Read more
Wed, 15 February
The 27th of October the Erasmus MC hDMT awareness day was organized to introduce hDMT research to the Erasmus MC community and to identify and highlight organ-on-chip research lines within the Erasmus MC. Steven Kushner and Marjolein van Driel presented the brain and cancer on a chip research programs that are already active within the Erasmus... Read more
Mon, 23 January
Ronald Dekker is explaining organ-on-chip and cytostretch. 13 & 14 December 2016 the International MicroNanoConference took place in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. We're looking back at a great event with impressive keynotes and inspiring presentations that can be downloaded here. ... Read more
Mon, 23 January
The final workshop in the project hDMT/NanoInside: Organ-on-Chip Technology Platform took place at the TU Eindhoven on December 16, 2016. There were twenty participants, who used the workshop to inform each other about the results of the Pilot Projects that were carried out in the context of this hDMT/NanoNextNL-sponsored project. ... Read more