The legal entity of the hDMT is a not-for-profit foundation. Partners become a member of the hDMT Consortium by signing a Partner Agreement between the partner and the hDMT Foundation. New partner organizations will be admitted on basis of excellence and proven added value to the Institute. The hDMT has a flat, efficient organizational structure and is supported by the hDMT office.

The hDMT has the following bodies:

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of three to five independent members from both industry and academia. It appoints, supervises and advises the Executive Board and approves the strategic plans of the Institute, the annual plan and budget.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of a Chairperson, a Managing Director and a Member. The Executive Board is responsible for the daily management of the Institute, prepares the annual plan and report, develops the scientific strategy, and is the central point of contact for external parties.

Consortium Assembly

The Consortium Assembly is the representative body of the partners. The Consortium Assembly is the forum to discuss and exchange strategy and policy issues between hDMT and hDMT partners.

Clinical Advisory Board

The Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) is an advisory organ for the executive board of hDMT and the hDMT Consortium as a whole.  

Support Team

The Support Team assists the Executive Board on day-to-day basis on organization, reporting, communication and (inter)national relations.





Download the hDMT organizational chart (PDF)
Download the hDMT partner agreement (PDF)
Download the hDMT White Paper (PDF)