Berend van Meer member of hDMT Executive Board

From April 2021 Berend van Meer has been appointed as member of the hDMT Executive Board. Being microelectrical engineer by training (Delft University of Technology) and with a PhD in stem cell biology (Leiden University medical Center; LUMC), Berend feels comfortable both in the biological and technological domain – a useful combination for Organ-on-Chip. Now appointed at both the LUMC and University of Twente, he is researcher but also working on research valorisation. His focus on qualification and standardization strongly links to the activities of setting up hDMT INFRA for Dutch Organ-on-Chip Research & Valorisation infrastructure. Involved in multiple (inter)national research, valorisation and policy projects, Berend has a strong network in academia, industry and governmental bodies. From biology to technology, from research to application, Berend will aim to facilitate all hDMT partners so they can achieve the best possible Organ-on-Chip research.

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