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Me and My corona

by Katja Wolthers, clinical virologist at Department Medical Microbiology, Amsterdam UMC/AMC. May 18. Only one positive patient in the late-night run, between over a hundred negative test results of the......

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It’s Showtime!

by Berend van Meer, LUMC and University of Twente, January 2020 If one would ask me at a birthday party what I do, I would explain about Organs-on-Chip and tell......

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News from the North

by Amalia Dolga, University of Groningen, October 2019 A few years ago, while interviewing for a Rosalind Franklin Fellow position at the University of Groningen, I was asked a very......

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Emerging viruses, a new challenge for hDMT?

Organ-on-Chip models for studying virus-host interactions by Barry Rockx, Department of Viroscience, Erasmus University Medical Center December 2018 Over the past few decades, newly emerging viruses have triggered international concern,......

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Out of your comfort zone

Eye-on-Chip, an emerging theme in hDMT A true story by Andries van der Meer, University of Twente. September 2018 Earlier this year, I organized a workshop together with prof. Anneke den......

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Connecting to make a joint

hDMT connects people to start new collaborations A true story continued (by Jaap den Toonder, TU/e) september 2017 The history A bright PhD student in the Microsystems group at TU/e, Hossein......

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