NWO Vici award for Jingyuan Fu

Jingyuan Fu has been awarded a prestigious Vici grant from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) for her research project -Decoding the human genome and metagenome in cardiometabolic diseases This award provides 1.5 M Euro to fund a 5-year research project.

The funded project will explore how the gut bacterial genome is involved in determining an individual’s risk of developing cardiometabolic disease. Like our own DNA, the thousands of bacterial genomes in our gut code for proteins that may contribute to, or reduce, our risk of disease. This research will identify variants in bacterial genomes, and their interactions with the human genome, to assess their roles in determining individual risk of developing cardiometabolic disease.

For more information see press releases from NWO and the UMCG. Departmental Prof. Lude Franke was also recently awarded a Vici in the same funding round.

Source: RUG

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