Fifth annual hDMT Consortium meeting online concludes the lustrum activities

In contrast to the previous ones, this year the annual hDMT Consortium meeting took place online as a half day meeting on November 12th. More than 110 participants, in particular many young researchers, joined the meeting that was chaired by Christine Mummery, chair of hDMT. New projects, that have started already or were just submitted for funding, were presented by the coordinators, and illustrated the many interdisciplinary collaborations, that are so characteristic for hDMT. Ten junior researchers showed their latest results about various Organ-on-Chip technologies and models and gave their view on the future research. The presentations were fascinating and of high quality, which is a big promise for the next generation science. As usual Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij, managing director of hDMT, informed the Consortium about the current and upcoming activities of hDMT, both at the national and international level. At the end of the meeting, she presented the lustrum booklet of hDMT, called ‘Vital network on Organ-on-Chip’, which describes what hDMT is, what has been achieved during the past 5 years and where hDMT will go. With the publication of this booklet and a word of thanks to all hDMT members, the lustrum activities have come to an end.

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