Save-the-date: UMD-hDMT seminar on Stem cell models for Metabolic Disorders

Stem cell models offer a promising perspective to study the tissue-specific pathophysiology of Metabolic Disorders and novel treatments. Analysis of metabolites and understanding the metabolism in such models is still a challenge that needs to be solved. In this symposium, we will discuss advances in stem cell models and metabolism and how they can be integrated.

Date: April 13th, 2022

Location: Radboudumc

Contact person:

Depending on the circumstances, the symposium will be live/hybrid or online. More details will follow soon.

United for Metabolic Diseases (UMD) is a unique, innovative and multidisciplinary collaboration with the common goal to perform innovative research in order to improve diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care for patients and families with an inherited metabolic disease.

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