ERC Consolidator Grant ‘Phoenix’ for Maria Tenje from Sweden and collaborators from LUMC

Maria Tenje, professor at Uppsala University, Sweden receives funding for her project PHOENIX, an ERC Consolidator Grant in physical sciences and engineering. Focus is on developing novel microfluidic tools for high-throughput and fully controlled organoid generation. Organoids are self-assembled 3D cell models that can be used as alternatives to animal testing for drug development and basic biomedical research.

In PHOENIX, Maria Tenje will further expand the droplet microfluidics toolbox that her lab has pioneered during the last ten years, to gain control of the cellular architecture of the organoids by using integrated acoustics. For the project, she will collaborate with Christine Mummery and Valeria Orlova from LUMC, and researchers at Karolinska Institute and Lund University in Sweden.

Maria Tenje, Uppsala University, Sweden

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