NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XS grant for Silvia Mihăilă on bioartificial kidney

Silvia Mihăilă (Utrecht University) received an NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XS grant entitled ‘MAKING WAVES: A modeling-driven microfluidic device with wave configurations to evaluate solutes removal for bioartificial kidney applications’

With the loss of kidney function, the removal of unwanted solutes becomes inefficient. Bioartificial kidney (BAK), an extension to current dialysis therapy, aims at using specialized cells to cover hollow fiber membranes as functional units of a device to remove solutes not eliminated by conventional dialysis. By applying a highly multidisciplinary approach, we will use the experimental data and in silico numerical modeling to predict BAK performance. Iteratively, the digital designs will be transferred into a Microphysiological system and tested for efficacy of solutes removal. The integrated approach will enable designing an optimal BAK.

The wavy configuration of the renal proximal tubule  (A-B), will be translated into perfusable wavy substrate -containing chips to study transepithelial transport of metabolites (C-D).

Silvia Mihăilă (Utrecht University)

Source: NWO

The Open Competition Domain Science – XS grants of a maximum of € 50,000 are intended to support promising ideas and to facilitate innovative and more speculative initiatives within the seven Domain Science disciplines. The proposed research is ground-breaking and high-risk. What counts is that all results, be they positive or negative, must contribute to the advancement of science.

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