Horizon Europe: Destination 6. Maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health industry (Upcoming). HORIZON-HLTH-2024-IND-06-09

Gaining experience and confidence in New Approach Methodologies (NAM) for regulatory safety and efficacy testing – coordinated training and experience exchange for EU regulators

  • Focus on alternatives to the use of animals for regulatory safety and efficacy testing. Applicants should propose activities that bring together NAM developers and NAM users with European regulators responsible for the safe use of chemicals (e.g. industrial chemicals, pesticides, biocides and cosmetics) and pharmaceuticals in order to inform on NAM solutions available and to encourage the building of a framework on how these NAMs could be most effectively used in the different decision-making contexts.
  • European regulators gain state-of-the-art knowledge on different NAMs that are being proposed for the assessment of the safety and efficacy of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • European regulators understand better the shortcomings of the current tools based on animal procedures for the assessment of chemicals and pharmaceuticals;

Call: HORIZON-HLTH-2024-IND-06-09

Total budget: 2 M€

Per project: 2 M €

Open: 26 October 2023

Deadline: 11 April 2024

More information: Pre-publication work programs Horizon Europe: Horizon Europe work programmes (europa.eu) see cluster 1 work program.

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